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    Customizing color with multiple measures in a bar chart



      I have a Qlik Sense question and would appreciate any help you can provide. So I have four columns: Category, Date, Points Lost and Points Possible.

      Where, Score = 1-sum(Points Lost)/Sum(Points Possible) on a specific date.

      I have managed to display this information in a bar chart, but would like to customize the colors of the bar chart.


      I am currently using the following formulas to display the bar charts:

      Current Score = 1-sum([Points Lost])/Sum([Points Possible])

      Previous Score = 1-sum({$<[Date]={'3/15/2014'}>}[Points Lost])/Sum({$<[Date]={'3/15/2014'}>}[Points Possible])


      I currently I am having a hard time customizing the color in an expression. We want to be able to use different colors to make it go along with our theme colors.


      In addition, I currently have to filter for a single date to show the rest of the data related to that date (where current selection is '6/11/2015'), but given the above information, I was wondering if there is an effective way to display Current Score (the latest date) and Previous (the second to last date). There could be more dates and the two dates are not necessarily in two different years.


      I am open to any other ideas to effectively display this information. Please find attached data and qvf files as support materials to this question.