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    QVS-9-SR6 failed; had to revert to QVS-9-SR5

      We upgraded to the latest QlikView Server 9 SR6 hoping to see improvement in some outstanding issues we have had (vertical slider; incorrect list box sizes). Unfortunately we lost functionality and a complicated combo chart that appears fine in QV-Desktop-9-SR6 is no longer displays in QVS-9-SR6.

      The exact symptom is that the chart is BLANK instead of displayed five colored bars. The labels are all overlapping on the left-axis, so there is the possibility that the bars are there but just being displayed with a single-pixel or zero-pixel width on the y-axis.

      Downgrading to QVS-9-SR5 fixed the problem, but I wanted to create this forum post to see if anyone else experienced a similar issue. We tested the downgrade on a testing server first, so we know it is not the hardware.

      Unfortunately creating a simple test case would take hours and we are under-contract developers, so we do not have the approved time for a full writeup and to create a test document.


      Matthew Clark
      GORGES, developer of KiniMetrix

        • QVS-9-SR6 failed; had to revert to QVS-9-SR5
          Michael Nordstrom

          I've had a few issues with complex charts (calculated colors, stacked bars especially in combo-charts) in the past. Looking at this from the bright side it might actually be that those issues have been corrected now :-). Creating the same graph from scratch does normally solve the problem. Would have been great to know if that was the case here also.

            • QVS-9-SR6 failed; had to revert to QVS-9-SR5

              Michael, thanks for the reply and you are right that possibly creating the chart from scratch may work. I recall having to do that in the past for some charts, although I had never seen a discrepancy where the chart worked in QV-desktop but not QV-server. I also have some notes for one of our projects that emphatically says to NEVER change some chart properties, since it renders the document into a corrupted state and I have to create the charts from scratch. A suggested feature for the QlikTech staff would be to have a new function to validate/verify a document by looking for problems like this.

              If the client approves then I can install QVS-9-SR6 and try again, but given that we have something that works right now using QVS-9-SR5, there is not a business reason to spend the effort.

                • QVS-9-SR6 failed; had to revert to QVS-9-SR5
                  Michael Nordstrom

                  Since the problem is only in server (and I've never seen that particular problem before either), could it be that the client version (plugin?) was different from the server version? Possibly there has been a change in how objects are drawn that affects a combination of server/client? (Should be very interesting for QT to know as I understand the goal is still complete compatibility between versions...)