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    QVW slow on access point even after preload option is checked

    Karunpreet Soni

      Hi Everyone,


      I have an application(QV 12) on virtual shared drive A  whose size is 700 MB and after reloading this application is distributed to a virtual server B. This particular application has 21 extension objects added to it.


      Config of Virtual Server B:

      RAM: 61 GB

      CPU: 75 GB, 8 Core


      Initially when I used to open this application on access point it used to run smoothly, but from last 1 week its taking a lot of time run though there was no change made to the application. The application opens smoothly (i think because of preload option checked in QMC) but when trying to shift from one tab to another it hangs there itself and after a refresh of the url it starts working, but again hangs when again trying to move from that tab to another.


      Also there were 72 Bookmarks made on this application by many users, I have reduced it to 60 now. The problem still prevails.


      Now I think I need to increase the CPU Core as the same application is running smoothly when run on 24 Core CPU.


      Does anyone has any other solution for this as I want increase of CPU core to be the last option.



      Plz help..!!


      Thanking you all in anticipation