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    Opposite Associations

    Mike Lutomski

      Hello all. 

      I'm new to Qlik (as of Sept '15) and I've finally hit my first real road block.


      I have a Products table and an Accounts table.


      I am trying to use 3 different Filters in my results.

      Filter 1 is Product Line

      Filter 2 is Product Line

      Filter 3 is Account Name.


      If I make a selection in Filter 3, I want Filter 1 to have the corresponding Products and Filter 2 to show what Products that they currently DO NOT HAVE. 


      I'm basically trying to do the opposite of what the filter panes are set up to do.  Instead of Highlighting the ones that are linked, I want to highlight the ones that are usually greyed out.


      Should I make a table that concatenates all products to the Account names, or is there a formula that I can use in the presentation layer that can make this happen?


      Thanks in advance.


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          Mike Lutomski

          A little more clarification:

          If I make a Product selection in Filter 1, I already know that Filter 3 will be limited to the Account Names that have that Product.


          However, I want Filter 2 to be dynamic enough to know ALL Products that those Account Names have and filter it's results accordingly.


          If you select Product A in Filter 1 and Filter 3 shows Company B.  However Company B also has Products D, G & K.

          I would like Filter 2 to show the remaining Products that are available for Company B (Products B, C, E, F, H, I, J, etc.)