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    URL not being built correctly

      We are currently having an issue where we have create a front end screen that has a list reports. You then highlight one of the reports and click on the select button
      This button has the following coding behind it on the action button - Action is 'Open Qlikview Document' . However if we click on the button l get a http: page not found error as the url is not built correctly.
      Any help would be appreciated

      =if(REPORTS = 'DASHBOARD','dashboard.qvw',
      if(REPORTS = 'CAB CENTRAL PERFORMANCE DASHBOARD','CAB Central Performance Dashboard.qvw',
      if(REPORTS = 'CANCELLED OPS','Cancelled Ops.qvw',
      if(REPORTS = 'INFECTION CONTROL','Infection Control.qvw',
      if(REPORTS = 'INPATIENT WAITING DETAILS','inpatient Waiting Details.qvw',
      if(REPORTS = 'OP MONTHLY 13 WEEKS','OP Monthly 13 Weeks.qvw',
      if(REPORTS = 'UNCODED DATA','Uncoded Data.qvw',
      if(REPORTS = 'CODING_TEST','Coding_Test.qvw',
      if(REPORTS = 'OUT PATIENT ATTENDANCE DETAILS','Out Patient Attendance Details.qvw',
      if(REPORTS = 'CRITICAL CARE VER 1','Critical Care Ver 1.qvw',
      if(REPORTS = 'ALOS SPELL BASED', 'yyyalos spell based.qvw' )))))))))))))