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    NPrinting16 Source, how to get *.qvw in the file path?

    Steve Lord

      Hi, In NPrinting16 I've setup an environmental variable evClientFilePath and value T:\Activity\AcmeCo\Test\


      And it works nicely in my source and task output file paths like this:


      %evClientFilePath%\Acme Co.qvw


      Task output folder:



      Now I want to see if I can replace Acme Co.qvw with an asterisk or something like it, so the source can just be whatever qlikview is in the folder the environmental variable is pointing to, to reduce the number of things I need to update when leveraging this nsq with other clients for the same activity and folder structure.  I could do a second variable for the client name, but the names of the qvws themselves don't perfectly match the list of client names so looking for an * solution there.


      Thanks for any input!  I know nprinting is moving from 16 to 17 and even 16 is much changed from pre-qlik nprinting, so we're all basically on experience year one with some of these things.

      (For ourselves, we're trying to fit nprinting into a larger automation scheme that involves probably the most awesome powershell file I've seen that a colleague has written.. and an effort to make one single nsq that can be redirected among many files of the same structure based on variables within the nsq.)

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          Avinash R

          As per my knowledge it not possible because * is a wild match parameter option .  NPrinting will accept 1 QVW of 1 connection if you give the * option it will be not able to decided which application to pick from the folder ...

          try to create a variable to capture the file name and you could use the same will building the connection to QVW


          Hope this helps you

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              Steve Lord

              Thanks, I did encounter the prompt indicating the asterisk was not an allowed character, I was just hoping for an alternative that would accomplish the same thing.  The variable is fine for the rest of the filepath because the folders are well standardized among different clients, just the qvw filenames are not so clean and I was hoping for an asterisk solution to skip that.  We would only be using this connection line to connect to a single qvw for our purposes, so asterisk not intended for grabbing multiple qvws, though I expect we could setup other connections with other variables if desired.


              As a side note, it is possible to connect multiple qvws to one nsq and select connection A's tables to add to your report, then select connection B's tables to add to the same report and save the one nsq.  That just wasn't needed for the single basic 1-table csvs we needed from the process I'm working on right now.

                   For another process I'm working on, we'd use the multiple connections scenario to grab many objects from a few dashboards to put into single comprehensive monthly reports that are provided to clients.  (We QA/check for wonky data that got past database people on the input side of things before handing off.)  Though I may be making a single consolidated qlikview to support those reports outside the accesspoint folders, because nprinting doesn't like the kind of section access and sheet conditions we have on the qlikviews that accesspoint is using.