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    Filtering based on a referenced value

    Tanya Ruppell



      I have data that looks something like this:


      LocationWeekday SalesWeekend SalesMet Weekday TargetMet Weekend Target


      To enable display of either weekday or weekend data, I have this load statement:



      LOAD * Inline "

      Field, Sales, MetTarget

      WeekDay, Sum([Weekday Sales]), [Met Weekday Target]

      WeekEnd, Sum([Weekend Sales]), [Met Weekend Target]



      Then I have a pie chart with:

      Dimension: $(=MetTarget)

      Measure: Count($(=MetTarget))

      And a filter that allows me to select either Weekday or Weekend.

      If I have Weekday selected, and filter on 'Yes', then switch to Weekend, the report continues to be filtered for Weekday 'Yes'.

      I would be ok with either it switching to Weekend 'Yes' or clearing the filter altogether.


      Is either possible?


      (I understand why it is behaving as it is, but that is not the functionality I need for this particular application)


      Thank you!