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    Custom polygon maps - aggregations not working as expected

    Michael Yeluashvili

      Hi Qlik community,

      I am working with QlikMaps. When using a regular map made from a KML file (e.g. state, zip etc.), I can make each area (e.g. state or zip) display a number associated with that area (e.g. sales within that zip/state).

      However, when I create a map with custom territories from a qvd file, they would display an aggregate number for the territories selected, instead of individual numbers associated with that one territory.

      E.g. I have a popup with my territory sales totals. If my "Denver-Minneapolis" and "Houston-Dallas" territories are selected, then clicking anywhere will display a sum total for these two, rather than displaying Denver-Minn numbers when clicking on it and Houston-Dallas numbers when clicking on that one.

      Is it possible to create a custom polygon map so that each polygon would display a number associated with it?