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    Aggr for distinct % across Quarters

    Cassadi Myers

      I am trying to show percentage of Total by Quarter. I am not able to get the correct Quarter Percentage unless I have the quarter selected. I have seen some examples in the community but have seen one using set analysis.


      Here is my count formula.


      I am counting specific ticket types.

      =count({<CONTEXT={'Ticket_Closed'},FCR={'Yes'},CC_CODE={'US0***'}>} Distinct Ticket)


      I am trying to divide that by the quarter count.


      sum(Aggr(NODISTINCT Count(Total{<CONTEXT={'Ticket_Closed'},FCR={'Yes'},CC_CODE={'US0***'}>} Distinct Ticket), [Fiscal Year-Quarter]))


      I am asking for help on the denominator. So that its not taking the total of all the tickets. I only want to divide by the tickets count of the quarter.


      Thank you,