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    Error in QMC

    mahamed khan

      Hi All,


      What is mean by this error and solution for this :


      Error: Failed to generate QVW files.. Exception=System.IO.FileNotFoundException: Could not find file 'C:\ProgramData\QlikTech\DistributionService\1\temp\a7e234b2-6631-4a3f-bb66-991df89866b7\document.qvw'



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          Sounds like you moved your QVW or changed it's name or something. If it's a QVW that you jsut want to schedule at spcific times, redo it for this QVW.

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            Nakul Navre

            One of the reason for this error could be due to metadata corruption. This happens when the file is touched outside of QlikView (eg: moved, renamed or being accessed by other application). Best thing to do would be to close QlikView application and re open it to restore the link. If this still does not solve the issue, take a copy of your Qlikview application and use that version.

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              Peter Cammaert

              The file you're having problems with is a temporary file generated by the Distribution Service. Make sure you have enough free disk space on the C:-drive (and enough meaning tens of Gigs) and if that's ok already, restart the distriubution service.