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    Functionality of moving from one sheet to another using trigger 'Activate sheet' not working on server

      Hi All,

      Please find attached Sample.qvw file that explains the functionality being implemented.


      We have a chart on the Main sheet. Once the user activates this chart by clicking(single click) onto it, it navigates to Sheet1. This has been implemented by adding a trigger in the Sheet Properties -> Triggers tab -> Sheet Object Event Triggers -> OnActivate -> Add Action -> Layout -> Activate Sheet (Sheet ID).

      But, when this file is posted/deployed onto the QlikView Server [SR5 v 9.0.7502.8] , this functionality doesn't work and on activation of the chart on Main sheet it doesn't navigate to Sheet1.

      Are there any specific settings to be done onto the server or in the document properties inorder to get this working?

      Any suggestions on this issue?