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    Combine 2 tables (Spreadsheet & Access Database)

      I have 2 separate databases that our different till systems write to and want to combine a table from each of them together on import. The data is a similar structure,one of the tables does not have as many columns as the other so will have to put in blank fields. I also need to put prefixes on some data to differentiate it from the other table.



      Table 1 (EZ_TransTable)

      TransNo (Add prefix EZ)), TransDate, TransTime, PLUCode(Add Prefix EZ), Quantity, UnitPrice, TotalPrice, Till, PaymentMethod, DateAdded, ChargeID, RemoteNumber, HeadMemberID, HeadGuestID, PersonID, DOB, Age, PostCode, DiscountID, Discount, Discount Total


      Table 2 (FID_TransTable)

      TransNo (Add Prefix FD), Date (enter in TransDate Field), Time (Enter in TransTime field), ItemNo (Enter in PLUCode field), Qty (Enter in Quantity Field), Val (Enter in UnitPrice field), NO VALUE IN TotalPrice Field, ECR (enter in Till field), NO VALUES in any of the other fields


      How would I go about combining the tables together please? I guess this is probably quite straightforward to do but I'm a complete novice sorry - did try to do it in Excel first but exceeded the 1m+ row limit


      Thanks for reading.