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    Default Minimized Text Object

      Is there a way for when users log into the dashboard, have a text object default as minimized? I saved it minimized on my desktop but when I load it into my DEV environment it's not minimized anymore.



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          Marcus Sommer

          I haven't never had such an issue with the minimizing of objects. Whereby nowadays I use this feature very rarely because I use for the most objects container and if I need a controlling on the visibility I use layout-conditions within the objects (maybe this could be an alternatively for your usability).


          Another thought is to have a look on the feature of session recovery which will store your latest selections and layouts. If it's enabled you will have within the access point by your application a link "view details" and there you could click on "remove last document state" so that by the next opening of the application you will start with the state in which these application was stored.


          - Marcus

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            winston richard

            maybe you are referring to hide the text box

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              jagan mohan rao appala



              Is the documents are same in both development and in Server?


              If yes then the issue is because of the Caching try to remove the cache for this dashboard by clicking


              Access Point -> Click on View Details link of the corresponding Dashboard -> Click Remove Last Document State option.


              Hope this helps you.