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    NPrinting Dynamic Filters

    ashokkumar arvapalli

      Hi Everyone,


      I had a fields like Fiscal Month and Fiscal year. The values consists in Fiscal year like FY13,FY14,FY15,FY16.... and Fiscal Months like Jan,Feb,Mar..etc. Here, according to my requirement i want select everytime current year value and current Month value. I tried this year(now()),year(today()), month(now()), month(today()) but it's not working for me. Could you please suggest me some more values to get the current FY year(FY16) and FY Month( Apr).

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          Jonathan Poole

          Ashok,  if you want to filter by value in NPrinting, you can create a new field in the QVW that associates a value like 'today' to a date in the data model that shows dates that will include today's date


          For example, in the qlik script:





            today() as Today,

            Year(Today()) as TodaysYear,

            'F' & right(Year(Today()),2) as TodaysFiscalYear

          resident <FactTable>

          where Date(Date)=Date(Today());


          ...this would load date data from a fact table where the date =today. When a user selects a filter from this table in NPrinting, it would filter the dashboard for todays date only

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              ashokkumar arvapalli

              Hi Jonathan Poole,


              Thanks for your reply. This solution I tried before. It's working fine. I had did this associations working good,but my users wants to display the list box values like selected value(Green Colour).

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                  Jonathan Poole

                  I'm not sure i understand which kinds of users are seeing list boxes from qlikview ..


                  Are your users using 'NPrinting Designer' or are they using 'On-Demand' or are they just receiving emails from NPrinting ?


                  perhaps send a screenshot of the place where you want to see the list box values.

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                      ashokkumar arvapalli

                      Jonathan, The users just receiving the email from Nprinting. But in that mail according their requirement i had scheduled a entire dashboard. The dashboard consists of reports along with list box and all. So, They are thinking like the filters applying in Nprinting should display in the selected value of list boxes.

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                          Jonathan Poole

                          Hi think you can do this but not with a list box.


                          Create a straight table with background colors on the cells to mimic the list box


                          here is a sample background color expression


                          =if( GetSelectedCount(Country)>0 and  SubStringCount( concat( distinct Country,','), Country)>0, LightGreen(),
                          if( SubStringCountconcat( {<Country=p(Country)>} distinct Country,',') , concat( distinct Country)), white(),

                          You can see below there is a list box on the left, and straight table in the middle. you can import the straight table into your NPrinting report to see the green/gray/white selections.

                          would that help ?


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                    Mangal Kamble


                    In NPrinting filter you can write ='FY'&right(Year(today()),2) and against it has a check box calculate,just check it