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    Nprinting:Access violation at address 01591368 in module 'NPrintingSvc.exe'.

      I am new to Nprinting. I am trying to run a task via Schedule. Nprinting Designer is only installed in Dev Server and Nprinting Server is installed in Dev and Test Server.(all parameters are configured).


      When I enter QVS details of Test server in Nprinting Designer, I can able to browse and see all the files. 


      I can able to run a task in Dev server for a .qvw in Test Server. It works and the reports are generated. When I try to run a task via schedule, I got an error -  "Access violation at address 01591368 in module 'NPrintingSvc.exe'. Read of address 00000000".

      Nprinting Service account in Dev and test Server are different  'Log on  as a Service Privilege.


      Why does Nprinting Server in Test server is not running the task? I want the nprinting server to start the task.