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    No named(i.e. user-)CALs available for named user access


      - Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition Sp2
      - IIS 6
      - QlikView Server 9.0.7502.8 (10 User CALs)
      - Java 6 Update 20

      Application description:
      - Asp pages based web-Site (intranet);
      - LDAP user auth. & auto.
      - Grant on dir (virtual e phisic) to anonymous & IIS anonimous user

      We use the following standard qlik include:
      <!-- #INCLUDE virtual="/QvJava/Servers/QlikWeb/QlikWeb.asp" -->
      <!-- #INCLUDE virtual="/QvJava/codelib/functions.asp" -->

      and the following function (from function.asp) for open the report:
      <% showDocument(document,width,height,secure,forcetunnel); %>

      When use this scenario with QlikView Server 6 there is no problem;
      When use with 9 version (or 8) the opening page run in error with the following message:
      "No named(i.e. user-)CALs available for named user access"
      even if we have 10 User Cal free.


      Thank you for your help