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    Data Modelling Question

    radhika sriramoju



      I have 2 tables Weekly Metrics and Metric Definitions tables , I want Target and Bridge value from Metric Definitions table into Weekly Metrics Table , the common field between these 2 tables are User Friendly Metric Name ( From Metrics definitions) and Category (from Weekly Metrics) tables.

      There is 1 Target and 1Bridge value for each of the User Friendly Metric Name , I need to get those values displayed in Weekly Metrics table for same Category .. how do I achieve this?


      Expected output should be something as below,



      CLNDR_DTCategoryData Bridge ValueTarget Value
      4/22/2016FCI TOP 50204550
      4/15/2016FCI TOP 50304550
      4/8/2016FCI TOP 50154550
      4/1/2016FCI TOP 50404550
      3/25/2016FCI TOP 50124550


      Attached is my app


      Thank you