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    Hide a Guage in pivot table if value is null

    Adam Davies

      As the title says really!


      I have a field set to a gauge in a pivot table and I'd like to hide the gauge if the value is null / missing.

      I've read the Null/Nothing document but I can't spot a way to make it work from this.


      null guauge.JPG

      The value is missing rather than null, I tried to see if making it null hid the gauge but this doesn't work

      =if(len(only({<Property={'Size'}, Type={'Disk'}>}Value)) >0,(sum({$<Property={'Size'}, Type={'Disk'}>}Value) - sum({$<Property={'Available'}, Type={'Disk'}>}Value))/sum({$<Property={'Size'}, Type={'Disk'}>}Value),null())