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    Create categories with the script



      Using the script, I would create three class of merchants :

      - those who make between 0 and 50 operations in the month,

      - those who make vetween 50 and 100 operations in the month,

      - those carrying out more than 100 operations in the month.


      For information, I use several tables whose :

      operations (fact table) which contains operationId, operationAmount, etc.

      merchants (measure table) which contains merchantsId, etc.

      operationsCalendar (measure table) which contains creationDate, creationDateDay creationDateMonth, creationDateYear, etc.



      Could someone help me? Or send me examples of creation of categories so that can inspire me?

      Should I use the fonction resident or a SQL query?


      Thank you in advance,


      Have a good day,