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    Qliksense: Map Issue: How can we show different images in a map?

      RIght now I have checked Map in Qliksense and Google Map Extension.


      The Map chart in Qliksense displays only one dimension and one measure. I have attached the QVF file which I have designed.


      I need following functionalities in my QVF file:

      1) RIght now I have one dimension Location and one measure Count(Vessel Id) . I want to show the Location and the Types of vessels(Vessel Type ID) grounded at that place i.e.


      OGV : 1

      Transhipper: 2                                              and so on.


      2) Can I show Rectangle, Square,Circle  Triangle, Hexagon instead of circle for OGV , Transhipper, Barge, DV and Tug . Some kind of images which can differentiate the types of vessel.

      This is an urgent requirement and I am in the middle of this.

      jagan reddys310Qlik Sense - Integration, Extensions and APIs