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    NFS File System for QVS Root Folder

    Elbert Flores

      Hi guys,

      I have 5 clustered QlikView Servers setup. For QVS Root Folder, can I use NFS file system volume?

      My first thought is NO, becuse NFS don't have an ACL found in Windows NTFS file system. But if I use DMS authorization will it work? I'm currently on my initial testing and I'm able to get it to work. Got 1 error message when adding user authorization on the QV application/file but generaly it is working fine. I can open the application on both Plug-in and Ajax. Authorization is working, users that I added User Document/Authorization tab can see the list of application. But still I'm not positively sure that NFS file system will work for QVS Root folder.

      I appreciate if you could share your opinion on this.