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    rows in table getting repeated mutiple times.

    Supriya R

      My requirement is

      if i select particular userID, i need to display data transaction for GoalMachine-#Correct, GoalMachine-Incorrect Question, GoalMachine-User Answers,TimeFrame-#Incorrect,TimeFrame-Incorrect Answers,Goal-Description,Goal-amount,Goal-time,Goal-message of that particular id from database.


      for this i am creating a table and filter of userID. where first column contains row heading for that i am using INLINE statement and in second column contains values for that from database according to condition in fx. as mentioned in below.If i select particular userID data to that particular Userid should be displayed.Now though it displaying data but rows are getting repeated multiple times.



      If i use first column as dimension and second column as measure no data can be found except hyphen in second column.so If i use both column as dimension some values willl be displayed but repeated.


      below i have attached the files of database


      code i have used is


      if ([Financial Goals]='GoalMachine - # Correct',if(subject_id='1',[value],

      if ([Financial Goals]='GoalMachine - Incorrect Question',if(subject_id='1',[value]),

      if ([Financial Goals]='GoalMachine - User Answers',if(subject_id='1',[value]),

      if ([Financial Goals]='TimeFrame - # Incorrect',if(subject_id='1',[value]),

      if ([Financial Goals]='TimeFrame - Incorrect Answers',if(subject_id='1',[value]),

      if ([Financial Goals]='Goal - Description',if(subject_id='1',[value]),

      if ([Financial Goals]='Goal - amount',if(subject_id='1',[value]),

      if ([Financial Goals]='Goal - time',if(subject_id='1',[value]),

      if ([Financial Goals]='Goal-message',if(subject_id='1',[value])))))))))))


      In Load script


      Load * inline


      Financial Goals


      GoalMachine-Incorrect Question

      GoalMachine-User Answers


      TimeFrame-Incorrect Answers







      Please help me in this regard.

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          Sunny Talwar

          Supriya -


          I am not sure what you are trying do. The inline table is not linking to your table. What exactly are you trying to do:




          Since there is no link, you won't see data getting linked. May be you need to use ApplyMap/Mapping load to get this data, but where exactly does it fit in?


          Please provide more details here.




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              Supriya R

              Hi Sunny T,



              Here i am trying to display user Financial details.I want to display financial details in a table of particular user according to inline column.

              I have added updated .qvf file please check.



              I checked on FinancialGoal table not linked to any other table in model view,as here i am using it as a heading for each row i think its only for display purpose.and in setanalysis function i am using if condition to display data for that particular row.If i am wrong in my way of visualizing Please correct me in this regard.



              How could i met my requirement.If i want to use ApplyMap for this how could i use to this.Please help me on this.If you want more details you can reply me.