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    Sheet level acess

      Hi All,


      I am doing sheet level section access.

      In sheets i have given condition to display sheet and using same in script for section access.

      please find the script.


      Load * Inline[

      NTNAME, SH01, SH02, SH03

      AAAAAA, 1, 0, 1

      BBBBBB,0, 1, 1


      Section access;


      'ADMIN' as ACCESS



      resident USERS;

      Section Application;

      This is working fine when I open the application in local machie through developer.

      I deployed it on server and given distribution by looping field by NT name and Check user Identity as SAMAccountName.


      When I open it through client machine, It is displaying values of server but as the ristriction given.


      Please help me.

      My other 50 apps areorking good on the basis od section acess by NT Name for a filed like location.

      Please help me in best process of giving sheet acess.



      Veman Reddy