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    Server and object com

      Hi all !

      I've got a question today for a macro using an excel and powerpoint object.

      During the execution, i've got the error :

      "Macro parsed failed. Functionality was lost.


      Error: Object required: 'myPowerPoint'"

      myPowerPoint was create with the line :

      set myPowerPoint = CreateObject("PowerPoint.Application")

      And the next line of the macro is :

      set myPresentation = myPowerPoint.Presentations.Add(-1) ' msoTrue

      So, I'm adding a new powerpoint file to this new powerpoint object.

      If I understand well, the error message came in this second line.For me, it's the VB engine the problem.

      Local : OK
      Server : KO

      But !

      It's to easy like this ! Another guy test this application and don't have this error.

      I really don't understand why ?

      Can anybody give me some indications ?

      Thanks ?