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    ValueList : no results in expression

      Dear all,


      I have a pretty "complex" report (it is just the top part, it goes for several books, country, years ...)



      The dimensions are mainly calculated to filter for example for country :



      I have created a value list to have a column for Volume and MTM per year.



      The "Volume Hedge" is given by the following expression :



      And I have tried in the "Volumes Asset" to split the results between MTM and Volume using the following formula :


      So for my understanding it should give a different result between column volume (the VOLSTD) and MTM (0 but will be replaced by another expression)


      It sounds pretty logical for me but I cannot understand why it is not working (first line shouldn't be two 0, at least a value for the Volume and a 0 for the MTM.)


      Since I am pretty new in Qlikview it might look to experienced user as "dirty" code but I am under a lot of pressure to end this report today as it is ... (and it should look like this). I just have access to the web interface and cannot modify the "source".


      If you have any solution or advice please feel free to contribute.


      Kind Regards,