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    Qlik update.exe won't run

      Hi all,


      Currently I am using Qlik sense server version 2.0.1 and intend to upgrade to 2.0.6.

      I'm able to run the Qlik_Sense_update.exe only on central node. When I double click on the update.exe on the proxy node, nothing pop up. Both of these are in my production server. In my testing server I am able to successfully update and install on both proxy and central servers.


      Also, there seem to be a bug on the countscripterror. It will not count any error although I include Set ErrorMode=0 in my script.


      What could be the issues here?




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          Michael Tarallo

          Hello Syed,


          Have you contacted support@qlik.com yet?


          Let me know that first, as they are the best to handle these types of licensed issues.



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          Mike Tarallo


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              Hi Michael,


              I have logged a case to Qlik and the response was not as what I had expected.


              Basically Qlik support told us that we have a slight issue with our server configurations.

              I have updated my Qlik sense server from 2.0.1 to 2.0.6 with no issues on my local desktop. However, when debugging the scripterrorcount, it still gave me '0' value as before. I decided to upgrade to 2.1.1 to see if this would happen again, fortunately it worked although my intention is to update and use Qlik sense server 2.0.6.