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    QlikView CALs  license cost Issue


      About QlikView Server 9, there are four different types of CALs available:
      • Named CAL (an identified user on a server) - Access is based on user identity
      and valid for all documents on the server, that is any number of concurrent
      sessions from one user on one machine at a time is allowed.
      • Document CAL (an identified user within a given document) - Just as
      above, the access is based on user identity, but the CAL is valid only for one
      document. If the same user connects to two documents using this licensing
      method, he will hence consume two Document CALs.
      • Session CAL - Each Session CAL allows one user to access one QlikView
      document, that is to have one session at a time. Anonymous users are
      allowed, no identification of the client user is necessary.
      • Usage CAL - Each Usage CAL gives the right to initiate one session (single
      document) per running 28-day period. The session may last a maximum of
      one hour. Any activity after the first hour has expired will count as a new
      session (albeit without visible interruption). No identification of the client
      user is necessary.

      We might have a large number (100) of very occasional users to view QVW document through web browser. We already have enough licenses for our regular users

      Which type of CALs is better to reduce cost of license?

      How much will it cost


      Hu Chengbo