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    Issues when running ie-plugin in citrix environment

      Hi all

      We are running Qlikview server 9.0.7440.8, and when users is trying to load a report (ie-plugin) even from demo.qlik.com they get this error 8 out of 10 times within citrix (windows 2008).:

      qvp://......qvw.?iis_authenticate=989384....&tunneler=http..... could not be opened.

      When they dont get above error, the report shows normally but if they are trying to open "About" in the menu to enable extendedlogging, nothing happens, the about window does not show.

      We have tried to reinstall the client on the citrix servers

      We have tried the "opendoc_fix.htm" without any luck.

      There are no problems when running the reports outside citrix.

      Any ideas are welcome.