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    Convert login token to access token

    Tanya Ruppell



      I mistakenly set someone up with a login token, and logged in to test it. Are we now stuck with a login token until the 10 hours + 28 days gets used up, or is there some way to convert it to an access token, perhaps after a waiting period?




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          Kevin Case



          From my experience, yes, you have to wait the 28 days.


          Take the following example

          I have allocated 16 tokens.  That's a total of 160 login passes (16 * 10).  Currently, users have consumed 118 access passes and have 42 access passes remaining.  I do have enough remaining passes left to de-allocate.  Since it takes 10 login access passes to make 1 token, my 42 user passes equals 4.2  tokens.  This means that I can de-allocate 4 allocated tokens if I wish to do so.


          The point I'm trying to make is that you need to wait until you have 10 remaining login access passes before you can unallocate and make it a token again..  If you only assigned 1 token then you will need to wait the 28 days.

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              Jordi Gonzalez

              Hi Kevin,


              I'm thinking on setting up 1 tokens for 1 group of users using login pass configuration.


              I now that this kind of allocating licenses have some limitations, the most important is the timeout. We only have 60 minutes since the first user login but, is it possible to login with another different user of the same group at the same time?


              Thank's in advance!

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              Kevin Case



              Yes., multiple users can log in.  If you only allocated 1 token, that will give you 10 one hour sessions.  These sessions can consumed by anyone that has access as a login pass user.




              You have 10 sessions (1 token assigned)

              User 1 connects for 2 hours (consumes 2 passes)

              User 2 connects for 30 minutes (consumes 1 pass)

              User 3 connects for 45 minutes (consumes 1 pass)


              Total remaining passes = 6.  This means you have 6 more 1 hour session.  Notice that a 30 minute session consumes 1 pass!  You need to wait 28 days until the 4 used sessions will become available again.


              Hope this helps.