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    Firstsortedvalue with load order

    David Capan



      Is it possible to use a field in the firstsortedvalue function with a weight of it's load order?


      Thank you in advance.

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          Sunny Talwar

          If you have created a field like RowNo() as Key, you should be able to use Key as a load order. Is this what you were looking for, or did I mis-understand?

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            Sunny Talwar

            Another option is to use the Aggr() functions load order capability here. (This wouldn't require any modification in the script)





            LOAD * Inline [

            Country, Value

            India, 10

            India, 15

            India, 12

            India, 16

            USA, 12

            USA, 30

            USA, 4

            USA, 49

            USA, 2

            China, 23

            China, 40



            Greens are the last value by load order and Red are the first value by load order


            Straight table






            1) =FirstSortedValue(Value, -Aggr(RowNo(TOTAL), Value, Country)) -> Green Values

            2) =FirstSortedValue(Value, Aggr(RowNo(TOTAL), Value, Country)) -> Red Values