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    Having Issue Starting QlikView Settings Service

      We installed QlikView Server version 12, using IIS (8.5).

      We created a domain user that is the assigned QlikView user, and we added that user to the local administrators on the machine that both QlickView Server and IIS is being run on (one machine).

      However, whenever I attempt to open either QlikView Management Consol or QlikView AccessPoint, I receive the “This page can’t be displayed” from IE. IE is point to http://localhost:4780/qmc/default.htm”.

      The issus is that QlikView Settings Service is required if using IIS, which I am. But when I attempt to start the service, it starts and then stops.

      I have done everything that I have read about – does anyone have any solution?

      We really do want to upgrade from version 11 to 12 – but I need to get this installation going before we can advance to the next step.

      Can you help – thanks!