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    Do I Need a Valid License

      We are currently running version 11 of QlikView Server, and we want to test version 12. It is now installed, alongside IIS on the same machine.


      We are unable to open either Management Console or AccessPoint - we, on both, receive "Page cannot be displayed".


      The Event logs includes error: Membership of local security groups is missing (Our QV service account is configured correctly.)


      Do we first need a valid license to just try version 12 before can even open it.


      Please advise - many thanks.

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          Onno van Knotsenburg

          I strongly doubt you can run two QlikView servers on the same machine.


          Membership of local security group sounds like "the user running the services is not part of the QlikView Administrators group".


          An unlicensed server will hardly show you anything as the license decides what functionality is unlocked.


          If this helps:

          The QV12 QMC looks very much the same as the QV11.2 QMC. Or at least I did not notice any changes yet (granted I only played with it 3 days). There is hardly any new functionality in QV12. The main change is the engine now being the QIX engine, which gives better performance.

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              Thanks so much for your response. We don't have two QlikView servers on one machine - we simply have QlikView Server version 12 + IIS 8.5 on a single machine.


              Yes, I have the QlikView service account and myself both as a member of the QlikView Administrators group.


              And I am still unable to even open the Management Console or AccessPoint - I always get the page can't be displayed error.


              This has been going on now for several days.

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                  Peter Cammaert

                  Are the QV12 Services running allright? Use the services.msc control panel to check, because the QMC cannot be opened.


                  You don't need a license to run the QMC, as the QMC is the only tool you can use to configure a valid license. Chicken & eggs of some sort... Probably a purely technical problem.

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                Ashfaq Mohammed



                I don't think you can have both versions of server installed on a single machine.


                Secondly you can test Qlikview 12 in some different environment other then your production.

                The only thing you need to take care about is make sure you have valid maintenance contract.

                If you have one you can test or migrate to Qlik 12.


                Hope it helps




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                  Gabriel Oluwaseye



                  You can possibly request for a Test license from Qlik or Partner who sold the product to you