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    Refreshing a document form Qlikview Server

      Hi i am trying to load my document from the Qlikview server . I have two server one with only DOCUMENT CALS and other with only NAMED CALS.

      In my 1 server with only document cals i can see the RELOAD tab in USER DOCUMENT tab in Qlikview Management Console and can do the reload

      In case of 2 server which have only Named Cals i can only see SERVER SETTINGS AND DOCUMENT INFORMATION TAB in USER DOCUMENT tab in Qlikview Management Console but there is no RELOAD TAB

      So i wanted wanted to ask can a reload is possible from the server in case of only doc cals. As there is no reload tab to refresh the documents when there are only named cals or is there any other way to refresh the documents for the server other than from User management >Reload tab in QMC or there is some other issue due to which i cannot see the reload tab.

      Also i dont have a publisher liscence i want to refresh my document from QV server only.

      So can anyone provide any help on this.

      Thanks in advance .

      Best Regards,

      Rahul Tyagi