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    Waterfall chart with relative values

    Carolina Noetzli

      Dear all


      I need to change the expressions in my waterfall chart into relative expressions . It does not work by simply selecting checkbox "Relative".

      I would like to show

      Sales =100%

      Sales dedcutions=10%

      Material cost=20%



      Thanks a lot for your help

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          Stefan Wühl

          If your sales expression is currently something like




          then try to divide all your expressions by Sum(Sales)



          =Sum(Sales) / Sum(Sales) // or simply 1


          Sales deductions:

          =Sum([Sales deductions]) / Sum(Sales)


          Material Cost:

          =Sum(Cost) / Sum(Sales)


          and format the numbers using num() function or on number tab as percentages.

          • Re: Waterfall chart with relative values
            Sunny Talwar

            Are you using multiple expressions or just one expression with if statement?


            May be you need to do something like this if you have a dimension called Dim for instance


            Dim                              Value

            Sales                            140

            Sales deductions          14

            Cost                              28




            Sum(Value)/Sum(TOTAL {<Dim = {'Sales'}>} Value)