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    Connecting QlikSense to BigQuery using REST API Connector

      Hello There,


      I'm trying to make use of the REST connector to extract data from a table in Google BigQuery.

      I've used the connector to connect to a variety of sources so far (LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Maps etc).


      However connecting to BigQuery seems to be more complex, for obvious reasons.


      I'm not sure how to structure my URL request in order to run a SQL query on one of my tables.


      In the interest of your time, here are some example credentials.



      Project ID: MyProject

      Dataset: MyDataset

      Table: MyTable



      Client ID: 12345.apps.googleusercontent.com

      Client Secret: 98765


      SQL Query: "SELECT * FROM [MyDataset.MyTable] LIMIT 1000"


      Any guidance would be appreciated.

      Thanks in advance,