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    Nprinting filter not applying

      Hi community,


      Let's see if someone has the solution for this one. I have static invoice reports that goes per client. I read these filters from a import a recipient file. All good selected filters to specific clients goes as it should. BUT


      I have a historical QVD where I set a lastMonth flag:

      sum({<[TradeDate LastMonth Flag]={1}>}ValueSEK)

      In the application (QVW) This works fine I can doublecross these figures with another system. All god. But when scheduled in nPrinting it doesn't apply this lastMonth instead it takes values from beginning of the QVD. This is so random, I had this issue before sometiems it works, sometimes it not, Nprining doesn't apply format of the QVW. Seems like nPrinting really is not consistent and reliable.