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    New monitoring apps Qlik Sense

    Paul Damen

      Hi all,


      I have a Sense Server which as off yesterday has been released to users. So there are able to use the dashboards.


      Unfortunatly my monitoring apps won't reload, as we have version 2.0 I already found this is a bug which is solved in the next version. My question is can I just find the new monitoring apps somewhere? The whole update will cost some time and I want to monitor what users are doing in this beginning phase.


      Regards, Paul

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          Martin Mahler

          What does the reload/scheduler log file say?

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            Levi Turner
            1. When logged in to the server, import a new copy of the problematic app from C:\ProgramData\Qlik\Sense\Repository\DefaultApps (You will need to give it a new name, i.e. License Monitor (New))
            2. Go to the Hub to the My Work section and open the application
            3. Click on Open to go to the Data Load Editor
            4. Go to the Run Logic section
            5. It will initially look like below. For reference the screenshots are from the Operations Monitor but the principle applies to the License Monitor as well even though the load script will look slightly different:qPsKIO7.png
            6. Wrap the working section with the following code:
            7. Save the file
            8. Reload from the Hub or QMC
              1. From the Hub: Click on the Load Data icon in the upper right hand corner
              2. From the QMC: Apps > Select the new License or Operations Monitor App > More Actions > Reload Now
            9. Ensure that it has reloaded successfully
            10. Delete the original License or Operations Monitor app
            11. Rename the new copy, i.e. License Monitor (New) will be renamed to License Monitor
            12. Publish the new app to the Monitoring Apps stream
            13. Create a reload task to reload the new app. The default reload schedule for the default apps is to reload every hour, but you can set to this to be as frequent as your needs require.