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    Filters not forwarded to email report

    Carola Kofler

      Dear all,


      we have a special system set-up for our NPrinting installation - the NPrinting Designer is located on our test server, the NPrinting Server which handles also the email distribution is located on our productive environment. When creating NPrinting documents, we store both the generated files, the recipient lists as well as the templates on the productive server - no files are located on the test environment.


      Since the beginning of the installation we have struggled to get filters to work. To get to the bottom of the issue, I removed all recipient filters and added 3 global filters to the NPrinting File - Year, Month and Region, whereby Year would already be covered by the default filter of the Qlikview table we want to send out. Any attempts to send the report by email only gave me an Excel Report with the default filter on Year - Month and Region never worked.


      Then I decided to not export by email but store the report locally on the test server in an output folder by running the Schedule manually via the Designer. The result: the generated Excel file is just the way we need it, with all 3 filters set. Trying to store the Excel Report via the productive server in an output file again only sees the default Year filter.


      So somehow my filters get lost between test and productive server. Does anyone have experience with such issues - could they be related to the fact that we are running the Designer on a separate server?