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    Fiscal Calendar issues with FiscalYear/FiscalMonth/FiscalQuarter in Epressions

    richard spiess

      I used the following Fiscal Calendar Script I found on the Qlik Site...It works well Except I can not Load 'FiscalYear' or "FiscalMonth"  oe "FiscalQuarter \" from an expression.


      Expression Examples:


      Sum ({$<FiscalYear={"=Max(FiscalYear)"}>}[Sales Amount])

      Sum ({$<FiscalYear={"=FiscalYear(Today())"}>}[Sales Amount]) Sum ({$<FiscalYear={vMaxFiscalYear}>}[Sales Amount])

      Sum ({<FiscalYear={"=(Year(Today()) & '-' & (Year(Today())"}>}[Sales Amount])

      Sum ({$<Year={"=Year(Today())"}>}[Sales Amount])


      This is the only Expression that Works:


      Sum ({$<FiscalYear={'2009-2010'}>}[Sales Amount])


      Fiscal Calendar Script


      SET vFiscalYearStartMonth = 4;

      LET vStartDate = Num(YearStart(Today(), -1));

      LET vEndDate = Num(YearEnd(Today()));





      Dual('Q' & Ceil(FiscalMonth/3), Ceil(FiscalMonth/3)) AS FiscalQuarter, // Fiscal Calendar Quarter

      Dual(Text(Date(MonthEnd(Date), 'MMM')), FiscalMonth) AS FiscalMonthName; // Fiscal Calendar Month Name



      Year(Date) AS Year, // Standard Calendar Year

      Month(Date) AS Month, // Standard Calendar Month

      Date(MonthEnd(Date), 'MMM') AS MonthName,  // Standard Calendar Month Name

      Dual('Q' & Ceil(Month(Date)/3), Ceil(Month(Date)/3)) AS Quarter,  // Standard Calendar Quarter

      Mod(Month(Date) - $(vFiscalYearStartMonth), 12)+1 AS FiscalMonth,  // Fiscal Calendar Month

      YearName(Date, 0, $(vFiscalYearStartMonth)) AS FiscalYear;  // Fiscal Calendar Year


      Date($(vStartDate) + RangeSum(Peek('RowNum'), 1) - 1) AS Date,

      RangeSum(Peek('RowNum'), 1) AS RowNum

      AutoGenerate vEndDate - vStartDate + 1;