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    Colors of Bar Chart change when hosting the application on Server?



      I have created an applciaiton on my local machine and have used bar charts in it. In the bar chart I have used expressions and have assigned colors to them using the "Background Color" option under expression in the "Expression" tab (and not using the "Color" tab).

      I need to host the application on a server for others to view it and this requires the application to be transferred to the server (as I can't host it directly on my machine).

      The application seems to pick up the correct color when I view it on my local machine, but when I view the application hosted on the server the colors from the "Colors" tab seem to reflect and not the ones that I had assigned through the "Expression" tab.

      I tried viewing the application through AJAX Client, Java and IE Plugin and all of them give the same problem.

      Is there any configuration in my application or some server setting that I need to enable to get them application to reflect the colors from the "Expression" tab?