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    How Can I reload QlikView Reload Jobs through Execution Service?

    Anatoly Pyatygo

      Hi, guys

      I try to use web service: localhost:8082/qtxs.asmx?WSDL for reloading my jobs

      When I open link: localhost:8082/qtxs.asmx I see:


      <Root>QlikView Publisher ExecutionService v8.0 (8.50.6261.5, ID=58bf4f25-3bb3-246d-4fc0-b166e6626e27) says, "Hello world. The time is: 10/25/2010 05:14:52.9517790". For wsdl, add ?WSDL at the end of the request. </Root>

      That's good.

      but I get errors when I try to test this service...

      I use soapUI tool (soapui.org) for testing service

      and when I try to request any methods from this service(for example, HelloWorld ) I get error: HTTP/1.1 500 Internal Server Error.

      Can anyone help me?


      I use:

      qlikView Server version: 8.50.6299.0409.10

      Windows 2003 Server R2 Enterprise Edition x64.