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    How to dynamically change the row and column in Pivot Table

      Hi I have two questions

      1. I have a requirement where I have to dynamically change Row field and Column field in Pivot table, how can I do that ?

      Please see the attached screenshot. Right now row values (NA to 8) are shown by the field "Alcohol_Every" and Column Values ( 1 to 9) are shown by the field "Amazon". I need to provide two Prompts using which user can pick what they want to show as row and column field. Any one knows how to do it in Qlik Sense  ?

      2. I have to do the conditional formatting using fractile function. Like for the background color expression of the cells ( Measure ) of Pivot Table I have to use an expression like below. But this gives me "Expression Error " . What am I doing wrong here ?

      if (count(POST_CODE) < Fractile(count(POST_CODE),0.2), red(), green())


      I will really appreciate any help I can get.