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    loop in QMC tasks possible?

    Amien Amien

      I have this scheduled:


      * 0. Dummy Task.QVW

      * 1. QVD Extract.QVW

      * 2. Transformation.QVW

      * 3. Model.QVW

      * 4. AccessPoint.QVW


      Level 1. does have more QVW files (for each table one), so this is just as example.


      4. is started to reload when 3 is ready. 3 is reloaded when 2. is ready etc etc.


      What i want is that Task 0. should start when Task 4. is ready. So this would mean that this task will run forever (forget the debate if this is good or not )


      But how can this be done? I have publisher and tested two things (both not working)


      * Start 0 on succesfull reload of Task 4 : This will result in that task 0 and 1 will not be visible anymore in QMC. Search task in QMC works, but reload of 0. doesn't start when 4. is finished


      * Reload 0 on succesful multiable events : Task 4. only. The tasks will still be visible in QMC, but task 0 is not started when 4 is finished.


      Anyone got this infinity reload loop working somehow? Or is this not supported in QMC?