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    NPrinting Scheduled Reload Task

    Jonathan Louwrens

      Hi All,


      In NPrinting Designer I have a scheule that does a couple of things -

      - Reloads the source QVW. 

      - Creates an excel report

      - Emails the excel report and some graphs in the email body. 


      When I run the schedule in NPrinting designer it all works fine, the QVW reloads, all the reporting is updated and correct. 


      When I then schedule this through NPrinting Server (which is on the same machine and login as the designer so I don't think its an issue with it not having access to required drives/folders etc) the schedule fails. 


      The error I get is -


      Job: Reload

      Task: Reload Report

      Message: Error during Reload: File Not Found File Not Found Table Not Found File Not Found


      Can anyone suggest any advice please?