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    NPrinting Scheduling

      Hello everyone,


      I've been struggling with NPrinting schedulings in the server side.


      Well, I want to run one schedule in the server, so I've read all the guides that mention or give a solution to similar problems but I cannot get it solved.



      Tips – Why is NPrinting Not Producing any Reports ?


      I've tested the schedule in NPrinting Designer and it runs properly, the reports, the jobs and the schedules all is OK.


      So once I've chosen the NPrinting Files directory from which the files are gotten from, the schedule does appear in the NPrinting Server's Monitoring, then at the given time the schedule gets executed and changes its state, it can be noted both from the montoring tool window and the log file. (Attached).






      But the problem is that there is not any output in the specified folder for the report.


      I do not know if I'm doing something wrong.


      Thanks in advance.