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    Load multiple Excel's sheets

      Good Morning,


      After searching, her in the community, such as making a load of several sheets of Excel, I found none that worked or did not know I make them work.


      My case is the following, have an Excel where users from different server are save, if users are users local machine are stored in a sheet with the following nomenclature “Resumen_nameserver” and if the serve also has LDAP users are stored in a sheet called “Resumen_LDAP_nameserver”, we must also keep in mind that the order of these sheets can be “randomized”, ie not all servers have because to have LDAP users , so they can come followed several sheets of local users.


      Leave attached an Excel sample to make it look clearer,

      Thanks in advance for the answer,

      Roger A. Reina Hdez.


      P.s.: I’m new to this world of QLIKVIEW, so forgive any mistake to talk about something referred to it and sorry for the English of Google translate.