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    Change color of the button by an exact match with the selection of the user

    Elisabeth Gelwig

      Hi together,


      does anyone know how to write the condition for the inquiry if the months of the actual year are selected by the user?

      I want that the button is colored black when the selection of the User corresponds with the set standard selection of the button.

      Light grey= not active

      Black= active

      Goal: Today > May 2016

      If the user select exaxtly: 2016 + 01, 02, 03, 04, 05 then the button should be black


      That are the settings of the button:

      =If(GetFieldSelections(Jahr)= year(today()) and GetFieldSelections(Monat)<= month(today()), 'qmem://Icon/Icon_Home_px256_Black', 'qmem://Icon/Icon_Home_px256_Grey238')

      The red part is wrong. By this way the button is black once a month selected by May.

      Correct should be:

      =If(GetFieldSelections(Jahr)= year(today()) and GetFieldSelections(Monat)= '01, 02, 03, 04, 05', 'qmem://Icon/Icon_Home_px256_Black', 'qmem://Icon/Icon_Home_px256_Grey238')

      But how to write something in a changeable form (dynamic)?