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    Server tasks won't start in QMC/ QEMC

      Hi All,

      I installed QVS x64 V9 SR6 onto a Windows 2008 R2 server and found issues with using the Distribution Service (Qvb.exe) as a batch reload method.

      I downgraded to QVS x64 V9 SR5 which solved the issues with the QVB but now I am not able to run, or schedule, a task in the either the QMC or QEMC.

      I can reload the files with the x64 client without any problems.

      Any ideas why this may be occuring?

      The 'play' button will dissapear briefly before returning, with no error message displayed (or 'x' icon next to the task). The logs are set on full logging but there isn't any information in there pertaining to task running/ scheduling.


      Thanks Guys