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    load balance options

    Ali Hijazi

      Hello we got QlikView server with a cluster of 2

      as you all know for load balancing we have 3 options

      • Random
      • Load Document
      • CPU and Ram Load


      can someone explain in details what happens in each case?


      suppose we have a document doc1 is loaded on machine1

      and now machine1 is so busy

      if a user requests doc1, then this user will be redirected to machine2?


      please explain what happens for each of the above options for the above scenario

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          Manish Kachhia

          QlikView AccessPoint supports three load balancing strategies:

          - Random (default setting): A round robin type strategy ideal for most users, since the session is

          distributed across all nodes in the cluster.

          - Loaded document: Used when sessions for the same document are to be routed to the same server.

          This strategy is designed for deployments where there are more documents than a single node in the

          cluster can handle. AccessPoint makes the decision based on if the document is already loaded and

          on the amount of RAM available on the server.

          - CPU with RAM overload (only available in QlikView 11): Allows QlikView Web Server (QVWS) to

          route traffic based on two factors, (1) RAM and (2) CPU use. The node is chosen using the following


                 - If RAM is readily available (low) on all available nodes, choose the node with the lowest CPU use.

                 - If RAM is moderately used on all available nodes, choose the node with the most RAM available.


          Load Balanced Clustering with Unequal Servers? | Qlik Community

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            kushal chawda

            From QlikView help


            The load balancing schemes are listed below.

            RandomThe default load balancing scheme. The user is sent to a random server, no matter if the document the user is looking for is loaded or not.
            Loaded DocumentIf only one QVS has the particular document loaded, the user is sent to that QVS. If more than one QVS or none of the QVSs has the document loaded, the user is sent to the QVS with the largest amount of free RAM.
            CPU with RAM OverloadThe user is sent to the least busy QVS.