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    Qlikmaps tooltip not working

    Devvrat parashar

      I have recently started working on qlikmaps to show  US states & Counties .

      We have a requirement in which we need to show states names on mouse hover over. I believe this is possible using tool tip (in qlikmaps polygon/Lines,pop up expresion), Although this is possible using sticky pop up/pop up , expression but the problem is that  I can not click on the particular state / County  while using sticky pop up.

      I believe tool tip could solve this problem . but somehow it is not working for me I have used the same syntax as given in the knowledge base but still this is not working .


      Has somebody faced the same issue ? Any help/input would be really appreciated


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          Trey Bayne

          Hi Devvrat,

          This is Trey with the QlikMaps team from Analytics8 (QlikMaps.com). First, I apologize for not getting back to you sooner. We get most of our QlikMpas related questions from our support portal (support.analytics8.com) and I have not done a great job of monitoring the community for such questions. That will change now as I'm going to put much more effort in to monitoring the community for such questions.


          Could you provide a bit more detail. Are you having issues with QlikMaps in QlikView or QlikSense? In QlikView, tooltips do not work on the desktop client but work fine on Access Point.

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              Devvrat parashar

              Hello Trey,

              Thanks for the response,

              I am currently using Qlikview 11.2 SR12 version & I am checking tooltip on the qlikview server (as it is mentioned in the knowledgebase documents that tooltip does not work in desktop version ), also I used the same syntex as mentioned in the knowledge base documents but it is not working


              Please let me know if I am doing something wrong .

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              Anushree Shetty

              Hi Devvrat,


              I might be really late in responding but just wanted to provide my thoughts incase the issue still persists, for tooltips in qlikmaps you must write a small peice of code in the marker properties section of pop text field in qlikmaps the syntax is as below:

              = '%%%' &

                '[Dimension] = ' & [Dimension] & '
' &

                '[x] = ' & num(sum([x]), '$#,###.')


              where x is the expression and the other fields self explanatory.


              Also make sure that sticky popups are unchecked in the map properties section.

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                meriem ABOULAAYAD

                Hi Trey


                I was wondering to what extent  Qlikmaps supports customizations, such as layers, HTML popups ....etc.